Trapeze Table Back Extension Bar

An extremely useful addition to the Trapeze Table including functional back extension, sitting and standing exercises.

The Trapeze Table Back Extension Bar is  a stainless steel extension bar which attaches on one end of the trapeze table (usually the sliding spring bar end or non push through bar end).  It is hinged from below on the timber frame and has 2 springs which attach higher up on the frame. This allows assisted back extension to be achieved at the user friendly height of the trapeze table bed (approximately 630mm). Various movements including numerous Wunda Chair exercises can also be performed including leg and foot work, and also standing lunges and other challenging single leg movements.

The Cadillac or Trapeze Table consists of a solid timber frame surrounded by a four-poster frame on which various bars, straps, springs and levers are fixed. Standard models include a push-through bar (which can be sprung from above or below), a roll-down bar, a trapeze or cross bar, arm springs, leg springs, thigh and ankle cuffs and even “fuzzy” lambs wool hanging loops. As with most Pilates Equipment, the Trapeze Table contains various adjustable parts and you really need a trained instructor to guide you through safe, proper usage and effective technique.

Over 80 different exercises can be performed on this piece of Pilates equipment, ranging from gentle spring-assisted sit ups to advanced acrobatics that have one hanging from the upper bars – there’s something for all ages and abilities. The Cadillac repertoire of exercises truly challenges the core abdominal muscles, develops spinal flexibility, works the shoulder girdle, strengthens the back and stretches the total body.


When purchasing a Trapeze Table/Cadillac key components to look for are:

  • a solid, stable frame and quality materials
  • durable upholstery that can be wiped down after each use
  • a table-top that is wide enough for various body sizes
  • moveable parts that slide smoothly
  • safety chain or strap on the push through bar
  • a variety of springs for different levels of resistance
  • Firm but comfortable upholstery layers

Pilates Equipment Australia include all of the above as standard features of our Trapeze Tables.




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