Reformer Plinth

An essential part of transforming the Reformer/Tower unit for Trapeze Table work.

The Reformer Plinth can be used in conjunction with the Tower Unit Combination, or as a full mat conversion to enable the Reformer to be utilised as a treatment table. Usually with the treatment table option the Reformer would be made at a rehab or clinical height (approximately 600mm).

As a single fill in plinth for the Tower Unit Combination, this converts the table to enable the tower end to be used with all of the spring attachments including the push through bar, the roll up bar, the arm springs, and the long leg springs. This upholstered plinth sits inside the timber frame at the same height and with the same width as the reformer carriage.The other versatile choice option is to remove the carriage from the reformer and have a fill in plinth made in two separate pieces, which will cover the entire top edge of the reformer frame, giving it a more complete looking bed, more like the actual Trapeze Table. This option also allows you to use it as a treatment table.  This can be best achieved by having the height of the timber frame at the clinical or rehab height which is approximately 630mm.


If you’re Reformer shopping for club, clinic, studio or home use, key features to look for include :

  • Durable material used in wood, metal and upholstered components
  • Smooth gliding carriage
  • High-integrity springs
  • Sturdy standing platform
  • Non-slip foot bar, preferably adjustable
  • Comfortable hand and foot loops, easy to alter
  • Padded shoulder rests to secure alignment
  • Easy adjustments to accommodate different body sizes and ability levels
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Available accessories such a box, mat converter and jump board
  • heavy-duty, comfortable and cleanable




Tower Set up (single plinth)

Full Set up (two plinths)

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