Reformer Trapeze Table Combination

Our Reformer Trapeze Table Combination is a strong, functional, and versatile piece of equipment. Easy to use and very safe! The combination of timber and stainless steel gives it a uniquely contemporary look and feel.

The Pilates Reformer-Trapeze Table combination unit has all the features of the Reformer plus the benefit of a full Trapeze Table set up. Two fully removable fill in plinths can be quickly swapped with the Reformer carriage to allow the full use of the Trapeze Table.

The adjustable springs on the Reformer allow for progressive resistance, which helps to lengthen and strengthen the muscles rather than building bulk. It makes for an effective, no-impact stretching and toning workout that is friendly to the joints.

Don’t be surprised if some beginner Reformer exercises seem simple – a relaxing, almost effortless glide back and forth on the carriage with none of that overexertion sensation you get from pumping iron. The effects go deep, and you’ll engage muscles you never knew you had. As you progress, the fitness challenge becomes significantly greater.

The Reformer is a fixture in Pilates studios and is incorporated into most personal Pilates training sessions. It is also becoming a key component to many rehabilitation clinics, as more and more professionals such as physical therapists, chiropractors and osteopaths embrace the Pilates approach as complementary to their specialties. The Trapeze Table adds a completely new dimension in movement therapy, as well as an amazing variety of functional repertoire from the most basic to more advanced level. A space saving multi functional dynamic piece of equipment!


If you’re Reformer shopping for club, clinic, studio or home use, look for:

  • Durable material used in wood, metal and upholstered components
  • Smooth gliding carriage
  • High-integrity springs
  • Sturdy standing platform
  • Non-slip foot bar, preferably adjustable
  • Comfortable hand and foot loops, easy to alter
  • Padded shoulder rests to secure alignment
  • Easy adjustments to accommodate different body sizes and ability levels
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Available accessories such a box, mat converter and jump board
  • heavy-duty, comfortable and cleanable




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