Spine Corrector Long

One of the most versatile pieces of small apparatus in the Pilates equipment range. A longer version of the classic shaped Spine Corrector. More suitable for gentle thoracic opening and less flexible clients.

The Spine Corrector or Step Barrel as it is otherwise known has a semi-circular arch plus an angled step or seat. Handles or grips on the side allow for more security in movement.
Like most barrels, this unit is effective for stretching the spine and shoulders in a safe, stabilized, supported way.


Spine Correctors are also becoming popular items for Pilates instructors to program into group exercise/circuit classes as well.

Depending on the make and model, this piece of Pilates equipment may have wood accents, metal components or be completely upholstered.

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Strong Barrel construction

2 layer foam system


Chrome plated handles

Beautifully finished hoop pine ply sides


Barrel Height- 345mm

Length- Approximately 935mm

Width- 420mm (can be made wider to suit individual needs) Please ask!


Retail Price:

$600 plus Gst

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